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Vedic Research Institute
Vedic Research Institute is an organization which endeavours in working for the betterment of billions of people across the globe. It endeavors in and adding value to the lives of people and in making the lives of people better in every way. This institute was founded with the aim of helping people across the globe in every stream to make their lives easy, dynamic and fruitful.

Our aim is to provide knowledge to people about what is what and to make them aware about themselves and their surroundings in relation to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Hrishikesh Dubey, the founder president of the Vedic Research Foundation represents the disciplic succession of spirititual masters beginning with the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna Himself.

We hope for your contributions and co-operation in this movement. Your being the part of this movement will help you enrich your experiences and will help us reach billions of people across the globe.

So, please join our mission which is the mission of truth, enlightenment, eternity and bliss. Every individual counts in our mission so welcome to this wonderful mission of ours. Your contribution and co-operation will help us to elevate the lives of many and transform the world of many including yours.