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Face Reading

Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading

About the Book: - Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading, Unlock the mysteries behind the most complex human beings. Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading is not my book; it is the book of Krishna as He is the real prompter and proprietor of this knowledge. It is thus by the instruction and authorization of The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna, I have been able to bring out this book for the benefit of the mankind. Each and every word in this book is a direct word of Krishna and as an Author and as a devotee of Krishna; I have just presented this book in the same form as it is, revealed by Krishna.

So, one who reads this book comes to know the direct revelation of Sri Krishna which was instructed by Him to the Sun-god, Vivasvan in the beginning of creation of this universe.

Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and as He is the Lord of the Universe and the father of all, so there is no knowledge superior to the knowledge given by Him. As the knowledge given in the book Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading is the direct revelation of Krishna so this book contains the most powerful knowledge of Vedic literature which will instill

dexterity and excellence in the matters of material affairs immediately within a person and is also a stepping stone towards spiritual realization. It is a unique book which will enlighten and help people to thoroughly assess the nature, character, personality, destiny, conscience and consciousness of a person. It will also help to establish corrective measures when dealing with people of different consciousness.

So, one who reads this book will read it in direct divine disciplic succession of Sri Krishna and will get empowered immediately so after reading this book their lives won’t remain the same.

This book will stimulate you to the height of ecstatic joy as profound explanation and beautiful illustrations in this book will show you how to find the best soul mate, to make the most compatible friends, to hire the best employees, to find the best boss, to enhance interpersonal relationships effectively, and to get the best out of life.

This book is just the beginning of a new life that you have always desired and have waited for………………….so now what are you waiting for…….?….just go and grab a copy of this book from your nearest book store and elevate your life immediately.

I am sure that this book will be a turning point in your life and your career…however don’t forget to read the vital author’s note of this book before you begin to read Krishna’s revelation in this book.

Blessing you with the love of Krishna…Have a happy, prosperous, elevated and a perfect life ahead. Hari Bol.
More About the Book: - Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading

Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading is a supreme science that was instructed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna to the sun-god, Vivasvan. Vivasvan instructed it to his son Manu, the father of the mankind, and Manu in turn instructed it to his progeny Iksvaku. It was in this great solar dynasty Lord Ram manifested Himself. Later on when Lord Hanuman arrived on this earth, He also took this knowledge directly from the sun-god. It is the same knowledge that is presented in this book.

Therefore, one who wishes to understand the transcendental mystery of this science should learn and understand this in the same authoritative disciplic succession to get the real nectar and essence of this knowledge and to cherish it throughout. This is the first and the foremost book ever written on Vedic Face Reading in the history of astrological sciences and self-help books and because of its deep mysterious esoteric background, this book has been appropriately named as Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading.

As this book is directly from the father of this universe, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna, so like the Bhagavad-Gita and the Vedas, it is considered to be the father of all sciences.

This book reveals one of the most confidential knowledge of the Vedic literature. In this book the knowledge of the kshetra and the ksetra gyana in relationship to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna is revealed in the simplest form. People who become perfect in such knowledge are able to understand the difference between the body, the soul and the Super soul and are easily able to identify the consciousness of each and every individual.

Any person having the aforementioned knowledge becomes perfect in knowledge because perfection means to know what one is, what this world is, what God is and what their interrelations are. Such a person will not take birth here again, regardless of his present position and attains the supreme state transcending the cycle of birth and death (Bhagavad-Gita; Chapter 13).