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The Author
Hrishikesh is one of the names of the Supreme God Almighty Sri Krishna which has three different meanings in Sanskrit:

(1) the prompter, controller and the Lord of the senses. The term comprises of two words Hrishika means “the sense organs” and Esha means “Eeshavara or God”

(2) the Lord of the rays. The term Hrishika also means “rays” and Esha means “Eeshavara or God”. The Brahman effulgence (divine rays) coming out of the divine body of Godhead illuminates the spiritual world. The God Himself is also the source of the Sun and the Moon which radiates the whole world so the term Hrishikesh means He who Himself has become the Sun and the Moon

(3) the prompter, controller and the Lord of the entire cosmos. The term Hrishika means “the universal phenomenon” and Esha means “The Lord,
controller or God”. So Hrishikesh means the Lord who Himself breathes out innumerable universes, exhausts Himself in His Lila (transcendental activities), and ultimately goes back to yoga-nidra (transcendental-meditation) after packing His toys at the time of dissolution.

Hrishikesh Dubey is a first class Vedic scholar and a foremost transcendentalist in the science of Krishna consciousness. He represents the unbroken chain of disciplic succession of spiritual masters beginning with the Supreme God Almighty Sri Krishna Himself. Being a bonafide transcendentalist in the chain of disciplic succession, He is through in the Vedas and the ancient esoteric treatises of Vedic literature and is a master trainer in the science of Krishna consciousness as well as astrology, numerology, face reading, body reading, different yogic practices and various occult traditions.